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Precautions (all products are common)

1. About the use temperature of the fluid

  The product using the acrylic pipe is limited to use less than 80 degrees Celsius.
  (the product of the flow switch is limited to use less than 60 degrees Celsius.)

2. About the alien substance in the fluid

  • When you use water for industrial use, please be careful about "scale".
  • When you use the mixture oil such as anti-friction compositions, please be careful about "greasy dirt".
  • When "garbage" and "iron powder" get mixed in in the plumbing or a fluid, a ball (float)
    I might not work. Please use filters.
    ※During use, please wash the inside of the transparent pipe with kerosene or a synthetic detergent when an alien substance gets mixed
    (as for the organic solvents such as the thinner, impossible)

3. About fluid flow

  • When air bubbles get mixed with a fluid, a ball (float) may not operate normally
  • When fluid flow uses it in the pulsating point, please be careful about designation levels of the operation flow quantity
  • When temperature and viscosity of the oil change, please be careful as the operation flow quantity changes.
  • When a product freezes up, the damage of the transparent pipe may happen.
    When there might be the freeze, please pull the water of the body by all means.

4. About influence by a shock and the vibration

  • You let a product drop, and please avoid the use at the point increasing intense vibration and a strong shock.
  • When it is connected to the pipe diameter that sudden opening and shutting action (electromagnetic valves) is carried out
    The body might be damaged by a water hammer and an air hammer phenomenon.

5. Attention in the product installation

  • When you use a liquid sealant at the time of the plumbing, please be careful not to apply it than an appropriate amount
    When the sealant which is not dry completely flows into the product transparence jurisdiction (brass jurisdiction),
    It causes malfunction and the accident.
  • When I attach product MK, MKT, MKM without the protective cover to the place where the plumbing is warped
    It leads to the damage of the transparent pipe. (I recommend a product with a protective cover)
  • Please be careful about clamping torque in case of the installation. In following recommended clamping torque price or more
    When I tighten it, breaking may occur to a transparent pipe and a coupling.
Recommended clamping torque
 Torque (N/m)
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