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About the common question from a customer

From a question sent to us, I place particularly many inquiries and the answer. Ask it over an inquiry form or a telephone casually if you have any questions as well as publication contents.

A common question and answer

Q.I want to ask for an estimate…
Q.I do not know the flow quantity (or a kind of the oil) of the facilities which I want to attach a product to…
Q.A model is not found…
Q.How many things can I ask for the smallest lot from?
Q.The heat-resistant temperature of the product?
Q.Is there the handling of the flowmeter?
Q.How much is the normal deadline?
4-15-3, Higashikoigakubo, Kokubunji-shi, Tokyo
TEL. 042-321-4831
FAX. 042-325-4298
Production sale of the appliance to flow control
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