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FITVM type

[I distribute a fluid and can see the flow, too]
  I can distribute a fluid between each branch pipe.
  I can produce it from a distribution branch pipe of two to 11 from a distribution branch pipe.
  I can confirm fluid flow by viewing.
[with the flow quantity adjustment valve]
  Using the indication red line of the taper transparence pipe as an indication the position of the ball
  I can adjust the valve of each branch pipe while seeing it.
[with the flow switch]
  I detect fluid flow and let it is ON, or a switch be off with flow quantity of the designation
  ※The switch is rigid (the set point change from a trace is not possible)
 ※In the case of an order, an estimatePlease appoint the inside of this.
The number of branch pipesBook
Branch pipe connection method
(φ 6, φ 8, φ 10)
Point of contact method
Flow quantity of each branch pipe
Operation flow quantity of the switch

Kind of the oil
(or viscosity cSt of the oil)
An example: Kind ISOVG32 of the operation flow quantity 0.3L/min oil of the flow quantity 1L switch of each 8FITVM-Rc1/8-OFF branch pipe
※The point of contact method, please appoint OFF method or ON method.
  When OFF method, fluid does not flow; the point of contact is OFF
  When ON method, fluid does not flow; the point of contact is ON

Standard specifications (FITV part)

 Transparent taper pipe
SUJ or nylon
 O ring
Nitrile rubber
Communication pipe
 Miniature valve

Standard specifications (flow switch part)

Operation flow quantity
Please appoint it with a flow quantity level less than 1/3 of the smallest specifications flow quantity if possible.
The reference mentioned above 
Heat-resistant temperature
A maximum of 60 degrees Celsius
Withstand pressure
The use of maximum voltage
DC, AC 300V  
Use of maximum electric current
DC, AC 0.5A  
Point of contact capacity
Transparent pipe
Protective cover
BC (gunmetal)
C3604 (brass)
Float with magnet
 O ring
Nitrile rubber
 Lead switch
Marketing product 
 Lead (authentic sample 200mm)
Marketing product 
Designation of the length of the lead is possible. 

Flow switch precautions

1. Attention in the magnetic influence

  • Please use the lead switch for a switch acting with magnetism at the place that is not affected by the magnetic field.
  • When magnetic bodies such as the iron exist in the vicinity of the lead switch, it causes the malfunction.

2. Attention in the electrical connection

  • So that, as for the flow switch, an overcurrent does not flow in a lead switch for causes such as the ground connection defectiveness
    Please be careful about connection.
  • Please use the flow switch as a warning analyzer if possible.
    When you use it in conjunction with other electric apparatuses, please deal with influence when malfunction occurred after consideration enough.
  • When the use voltage, the use electric current hold it in check as small as possible and use it, the life of the lead switch gets longer.
    (usually possible use of approximately 1 million times of switch operation under the 100V0.5A situation)

3. Attention about the switch operation by a temperature change, the viscosity change of the oil

  • The operation flow quantity of a case and the switch which a switch does not operate with flow quantity of the setting when temperature, viscosity of the oil change
    I may change
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